Deactivated Twitter & Pinterest Accounts

 Today I deactivated the Positive Awe twitter account. 

I had only tweeted 49 times with this handle since I started the account in 2019, almost 4 years ago. The plans that I had to build this brand and leverage that platform did not materialize. I have since spent time focusing on what I want to do with Positive Awe.

I still want to have a boutique shop focused on positivity, but I don't want to personally manage that shop. I need to bring on a team of people to do that. And that all requires capital. So, for now I am focusing on building capital, fleshing out what I truly want to do and then leveraging that. I know I don't want to be a mogul, but if that happens I am ok with it.

I do know I enjoy being behind the scenes and make things work without having to be the face of success, primarily because I enjoy my privacy and solitude. And the one thing fame does not bring is privacy & solitude.

There are other reasons why I left Twitter, the short of it is the platform doesn't align with my values nor my brand. So I left.

I do have a Threads App account: primarily because I have an Instagram account: it remains to be seen what I will do with either account. I have serious questions about security, data mining, privacy and the fact that you cannot control your instagram feed or threads timeline. So, for now I have a presence there, but that's that.

I also have a presence on Spoutible, a platform that is a competitor to Twitter and looks mostly like Twitter too. The platform is fairly new, so not sure how I will engage on it. I signed up mainly to secure my handle:

For now I am rethinking my social media strategy, because it only works if you are a major personality/influencer with millions of followers or if you are a multinational corporation spending ad dollars on the platform(s). I am neither, so social media isn't worth my effort and time. I think I will focus on building my web presence, content, and product(s). I think it's time I stopped putting the cart before the horse.

I also deleted my Pinterest account too. Pinterest has changed their business model a number of times and it really doesn't align with my business objectives and values.

That's that, wishing you all a positive awe in your day!


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