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Deactivated Twitter & Pinterest Accounts

 Today I deactivated the Positive Awe twitter account.  I had only tweeted 49 times with this handle since I started the account in 2019, almost 4 years ago. The plans that I had to build this brand and leverage that platform did not materialize. I have since spent time focusing on what I want to do with Positive Awe. I still want to have a boutique shop focused on positivity, but I don't want to personally manage that shop. I need to bring on a team of people to do that. And that all requires capital. So, for now I am focusing on building capital, fleshing out what I truly want to do and then leveraging that. I know I don't want to be a mogul, but if that happens I am ok with it. I do know I enjoy being behind the scenes and make things work without having to be the face of success, primarily because I enjoy my privacy and solitude. And the one thing fame does not bring is privacy & solitude. There are other reasons why I left Twitter, the short of it is the platform doesn