New Website and Online Store Launching 1Q 2022

How it Started

Positive Awe soft launched with handmade face masks April 2020 in response to the COVID-19, novel corona virus, global pandemic. Tanya Owens sewed cotton face masks with pockets for PM 2.5 filters, which is the closest you can get to a N95 filter mask.
Wisely, Tanya Owens had ordered PM 2.5 filters from China. She had originally used face masks with PM 2.5 filters when she was in China in 2012. They effectively filter out small particulates from air pollution. These face mask filters also help to filter out bacteria and viruses.

Sold on Online Stores

Tanya Owens offers her products on a number of online stores: RedBubble, Fine Art America, Art of Where, Pixels, and Cafe Press. She also has plans to offer products on additional stores in 2022. Her goal is to offer her custom products wherever people shop online.


Watch this space. Tanya is working on a host of new product offerings and building a new website and online store experience for you in 2022.
Tanya will also offer exclusive custom products only found on along with the custom products designed by Tanya Owens, available on other online stores. There will also be other brand products in the following categories: Athleisure, Clothing,  Home & Life Styles, Wall Art, Stationary, Stickers, and Hobby.  This allows shoppers to have the maximum flexibility to find and shop for unique products that match their personalities and styles.
2nd opening soon image creative commons: 1221126 by M. Rizky Klinsman


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