Timeline to Open

Stay Tuned 

I conducted a soft test on Pinterest and this Blog to see which products people were interested in. The results are in, and the mixture of products I selected did not land with consumers. That is good news even though the outcome is not that great. It means that I need to continue to research before I open virtual doors online.

Tanya Owens Contemplating Positive Awe

My timeline for opening may be pushed back a little. I am tentatively still aiming for a late spring 2022 opening. But the opening date will be determined by product mix and what the market determines.

Thanks for joining this aspiring entrepreneur. It is scary to launch a small business online. However, I am encouraged as the one positive outcome from the pandemic is that more people have adopted online shopping and view it more favorably than before the pandemic.

Affiliate Marketing

I am rethinking my position on launching Positive Awe through affiliate marketing. It is good in theory, but I want people to have a positive impression with this brand and as such I need to focus more on creating robust shopping experiences that are initiated and completed through Positive Awe. Thus, for now affiliate marketing will be on the back burner for now until I have a more concrete direction with the products I will carry in the store and products that are complementary, that I may not carry, but will heartily endorse.


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